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Xpersearch Consulting Pvt Ltd
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Expert Search Consulting Pvt Ltd is a
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Expert Search Consulting Pvt Ltd is a
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Expert Search has its own definition of WORK

W – Winning approach
O – Oracular
R – Redefining
K – Key to success

By offering an employment,

We Offer Recreation & Knowledge

If you are looking for a job, please don’t read further but if you are looking for a career you must read it till the last word.

We are young!

Expert Search is young, all the employees are leaders and they will be training and mentoring the future leaders.

We follow success, not rules!

We encourage the people to follow their own innovative ways and expect the results from them. Because great minds cease to perform when their freedom is at risk.

We are unique!

Our effort is to create a different work culture that ensures each work day of an individual is a knowledge sharing exercise rather than discharging routine responsibilities.

We learn while working!

We spent our time on emerging technologies to identify new tools, frameworks which help in identifying market availability. We Plan accordingly to study new skill and takes part in group discussions and PowerPoint presentations. Senior employees and mentors are always there to guide the sourcing teams.

We trust in lasting relationships!

We are not on a hiring spree but we do hire regularly. Our aim is to take employees who visualize their blooming careers the moment they walk-in for an interview. We help them shape their career and they help us grow our business. It is a Win-Win situation rather than a Master-Slave relation.

We let the fun run the show!

Our work culture is so designed that we never miss the fun however serious the situation is! We believe that cool minds can only generate better solutions.

We aim high!

Our thoughts are big and so are our goals. We design ambitious plans to reach ambitious goals. Whether it is to serve a client with software development or to source excellent consultants for an ambitious project, we do it with a mark of our own. Quality is the trade mark of Expert Search. Our rush is not to grab the higher percentage of Market share but to serve our existing clients with higher percentage of quality.

Expert Search is hiring

we are not bothered about your certificates and age. Your ideas, accomplishments, career goals and strategy to grow big in your field are important to us. At Expert Search, we value the potential of our people and help them to chart out the very best career path by offering them opportunities for growth, learning & development. Document all your thoughts and reach our hiring managers at info@xpertsearch.in

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